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Find Your Authenticity by Pen Writing

Authenticity by Pen
Written by Andrea

Can Pen and Paper Writing Help Build Authenticity?

Authenticity by PenHave you wondered why when doing a self help personal growth exercise it is suggested you write with a pen? Vs Computer pen writing literally connects you to your authenticity, the pen acts as a tool for you to write what flows from the hear. When you get into the writing space the words flow more easily than when you type, typing is more logical and creates more distraction while the pen becomes an extension of you. Think about the times you want to write a heart felt message, wouldn’t you write it by pen on a card or letter. The words come easier from a pen writing, they flow naturally, are authentic and meaningful. So when you do an exercise you begin to write what comes easily,  and you begin to write in your own words, when you read them back you’ll be amazed at what you wrote look at your words. these words are keys to who you are and what you truly feel, your authentic self shines through. See how writing help in many more way…..

Here are more benefits of writing by pen, a practice to follow and if you have children encourage them to do so.

  • Handwriting is better for short-term and long-term memory:

When tested, those who hand wrote their with a notes outperformed laptop users. Handwriting stimulates more effective memory cues because you’re forming the context and content in your own words. you are connected to your brain and what comes to mind flows in your own authentic words. In other means you write more from the heart than the head.

  • Less distractions = better focus:

There’s a ton of stuff to distract you on a laptop, windows open, messages popping up and in today’s busy world we find it hard to leave those habits behind, so we act upon them breaking our natural flow or words. But when you’re taking notes with one pen in hand and one notebook, there’s not much else that can distract you from your goals leaving you to write with authenticity.

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