Change Your Life by Decluttering

 How Less Clutter Will Change Your Life

declutter your lifeTime to get rid of stuff?

How many times have you thought of living simply? If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, unfocused, a little by de-cluttering can really change your life?  If your like many who feel bogged down you likely crave simplicity, even running away from it all.

Once I create space I  regain a sense of balance and clarity. At first it may seem tough to let go of things, but you can make changes gradually. When the clearing is done it feels like you have lifted a weight off your shoulders. As you feel the space around you can also begin to see a little clearer, and it feels really good.  Have you ever felt this way?

If you resonate with these words its time to make room in your life, by getting rid of the stuff you no longer need.

Often we do the opposite of what we really need, when we are stressed, overwhelmed or in pain we often try and fill those needs with more stuff. It is what we have been trained to do, we see commercials of women eating tubs of ice cream to feel better, buy another pair of shoes or a purse will makes us happy. We are bombarded by marketers who tell us more is better, when the opposite is more likely to bring us closer to peace and happiness and a better life. Getting rid of clutter may seem scary or sometimes we just don’t know where to begin, so here’s few simple tips to get you on the path to clarity.

There are many areas you may want tackle to the clutter, here were going to start with small steps and that begins with clearing your personal space.

Declutter Your Life

I know it sounds easier said than done but what if you took small steps and made a plan to get rid of the stuff you no longer need to create space for more of what you really want. Like clarity, focus, fun, create space for energy to flow and to invite what matters most to you. Sometimes we don’t even recognize those thing until we get rid of the stuff that blocks us. When there is space there is room for flow.

How to Get Rid of Stuff

If bet you have at least one drawers full of clothes you don’t wear? and what about the kitchen drawers full of junk. Even the neatest people can are likely to have a few full, disorganized closets or junk drawers. I call them the “dreaded places”  and to be honest I feel stress and anxiety just thinking about them. So lets get ready to rid stuff.

Take small steps, and as you get used to the space I promise you will notice change in a good way. You will feel clear, relieved and as you become more organized you will notice that other areas of your life improve.

Are You Ready to Get Rid the Clutter

Step 1 – Get Ready.

Create a list. Go through each room in your home and as you do make a list of all the closets, drawers and cupboards that need clearing. Sort these spaces into categories small, medium and large. Pin it up where you can see it.

Step 2 – Get Set.

Get four boxes label them – Junk, Charity, Sell, Undecided.

Step 3 – Start Decluttering.

Go through each room – take just 15-30 minutes and chose one of the smallest areas first, this will help you to get used to getting rid of the clutter and you will feel as sense of accomplishment as you tackle your project and you check it off your list. Create a time frame for you to work in you project or like most things they will slip by the wayside and get easily forgotten. Next move to the medium and large areas. Since you have got rid the smaller clutter they larger wont be so large as  you are working in a pattern to succeed.

Work on one area each day, placing your items in the appropriate boxed and tick them off your list. Place the “Undecided” box in an attic or basement for 6 months, then take it out an look at why you decided to to keep those items. This is when you have given yourself a safety zone, to time to see if there are connections or reasons why you could not let something go. They may bring clues.

Often you will find if you haven’t needed or missed an item by now it will be easy to throw it away.

Clothing – Think about clothing, when did you last wear it, does it fit, do you absolutely love it? Do you hope or have a goal that one day you will loose weight and wear it again. Is there a sentimental connection. Or is there no attachment, if there is not and you haven’t worn the clothing then its time to bag it and donate it or sell if you choose.  Only wear what you have now or buy clothes that make you look good as you are now – not when you lose those few pounds. You only have now so be te best you can be.

Paperwork “handle it now” paperwork has the ability to accumulate like nobodies business. In fact it one of the things I dislike the most.  So take action so it doesn’t get the better of you. When tiy get mail or junk mail. Decide if it’s necessary to take action/junk it or file it? Action -deal with it immediately, pay the bill or put it an ‘action’ folder/tray and handle it within 2-3 days. Filing – we all have paperwork we have to keep for a certain amount of time, such as tax information, tackle filing on a weekly basis. Make folders so you know where your paperwork is. If it’s Junk – straight into the garbage.

When there is an option delete junk mail you receive – ALWAYS tick the box on any form to opt out.

Magazines – do yo need them or can you find what you need online. If you want ideas an visuals then check out Pinterest where you can find an array of beautiful pictures and articles in just about anything you can imagine. Cancel subscriptions for those you no longer read or value.

The not so useful gadgets – We have all bought things we no longer use – gadgets, sports stuff, unwanted gifts, impulse purchases – anything you have but don’t like or use. Choose to sell, pass them on or give them away and feel good you have set them free for someone to enjoy.

When you think about getting rid of stuff “decluttering” ask yourself these questions: Do I love it? Do I use it? Does it make me feel good? More often than not you the answer will be no. Don’t clutter up your life with things that bog you down and don’t make you feel great.

One last place – the Refrigerator. I have had more people tell me they struggle with clearing out their fridge than most clutter zones. Yes, even ridding food and waste can help you declutter you life, its sounds simple but for may people this is a big issue. People don’t want to waste food, yet they know the food may be out of date, this is often attached to a belief, it maybe something they learned growing up. Yet the clutter in the fridge may stop you from seeing what is still fresh and as a result you waste more food. When you have beliefs that run your actions its time to look at who’s belief that is, was it something you were told or heard.

Buy less, and more often for example I really dislike over ripe bananas and yet I would buy a bunch and as they sat on the counter for a few days I would end up throwing them out and wasting money. Now I buy 2 at a time and I eat them. Also when you have too much you may tend to over look what you have. When there is a limited amount our are more likely to use and enjoy what you have. There are so many positive effective of changing your beliefs and resetting you mindset.

Step 4 – Reward Yourself.

Create small rewards for your effort. As you get rid of stuff and declutter you may have chosen to sell some of your items. Take that money and use it to buy something you really want.  Less is often more.

“Wanting What You Have, Instead of Having What You Want”

Begin to make changes and enjoy your new found space as you rid yourself of the stuff you no longer need.

Now Breathe…. You have created space for more of what you want in your life.