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Insomnia Music to Sleep and Heal Audio

Written by Andrea

Insomnia Help Me to Sleep – Music to Sleep and Heal

music to sleep and heal

Lessons from an insomniac. I know when I was young I didn’t seem to need sleep, I was wired and ready to go, it ran in the family. I remember my Dad a workaholic who said there’s not time for sleep, too much to do, places to go, people to see. In later years the lack of sleep caught up with my Dad, he didn’t heal well if he got sick, it may have contributed to his type II diabetes or a myriad of things.

I’m happy to say he know sleeps and quite a lot, but not only that he has managed the other parts of his life that were as neglected as his sleep pattern.

That’s the thing when we live an unbalanced life, miss sleep then we tend to think we are a little like superman and can get away with other things we need to be healthy.

For me, in later years when I really desperately needed sleep it I couldn’t. I could not shut my mind off, running a million miles to the second, tired, burned out and stressed to the max. So was it a learned behaviour, did I set myself up to be a lousy sleeper or was I just one of those people who couldn’t sleep?

One thing for sure is I had had to learn how to sleep, before it go worse? As I aged I felt constantly drained, the energy of youth dwindled and instead anxiety, panic and stress crept in, all a result of lack of much needed shut eye.

I needed to revisit how I did many things in life and learning to sleep was a priority to heal, focus and function well. I read, watched video and listen to music that would help empty the mind clutter and save it for another day if need and release what was not necessary but habits I had created over the years.

I found this audio to sleep to be relaxing and so useful to unwind, to switch off and get into that restful state preparing for a good nights sleep.

Listen relax and enjoy…. sweet dreams

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