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Using Law of Attraction for Money

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Attracting Money Using the Law of Attraction

We are born free from limiting beliefs, as we integrate into our surroundings we begin to absorb beliefs that shape who we are and often hold us back from attracting money. While some cultures embrace and expect wealth and abundance, many of us are taught to have a very different way of thinking. Most based on scarcity, lack and fear. We see the results everyday some people work tirelessly in an effort to get money while others succumb to a life of struggle. Neither options are what most people want, it is what happens when beliefs take hold, and even those who become very successful financially are at risk of losing it with the wrong mindset.


When Negative and Limiting Beliefs Set In

When beliefs set in they are hard to break, we are like sponges picking up signals and messages whether they are implied or spoken can easily become hard wired into our brain. Those who care for us don’t intend for this to happen but what they learned both positive and negative trickle down the generations.

While some people witnesses struggle and poverty they vow this would never happen to them, so they work hard, tirelessly and dedicate themselves to making money and gaining status, often at the expense of their health, relationships and having a life they want. Others come to believe they are not worthy, that getting money is too difficult, or only for certain people or they do not want to become the stereotypical no so nice rich person they have heard about. The truth is most of these beliefs are just that, someone’s opinion or story that has been passed along. Until there these patterns are changed even if you get money, it is only a matter of time before sabotage sets in an it is lost. So what stories have you learned about money and wealth?

Negative Money Beliefs

Maybe you have heard some of these common messages “people with money are snobs” “you have to be cut throat to get ahead”,  “no good comes from money” or  “money is the root of all evil”  to name a few.

But think about it,there are millions of people worth a fortune, while there are exceptions to any rule, many are good, kind caring people, with families, who helps charities, give of themselves. They don’t all drive flash cars and live in huge houses, they are people like you and me. They are good people, and now we can think about that we can change or thoughts and perceptions and expand our mind and use the law of attraction to attain money and most things we want in life.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is based on the principle “like attracts like” what we focus our attention on is what we attract. While focusing on what we want and raising our energy and changing our thoughts are part of the  that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

But now that we know there are other ways of being we can make that shift and begin changing those thoughts and break the patters that no longer serve us in the best way they can. I am not saying we won’t need or want to work, but what I am saying is we can send ourselves healthier messages, free ourselves from endless struggle and allow the Universal law of attraction to help us on our journey, whether it is to make money, to attract love, create change in the way the universe wants us to. It;s time we learned new way, give up fighting the universal laws and going with its flow.

Practice Money Affirmations Works to Bring the Law of Attraction Into Our Lives …..

It’s taken a long time to ingrain those limiting beliefs and now it’s time to shake them up and shake them out and put them back where they belong – out of your head. And the good news is you can shift them quickly and easily with a few simple steps.

How to Remove Block and Allow Money to Flow  – 

First is to think of all of the reasons you don’t have money – write a list, write freely

Here’s a few to get you started –

People with money are snobby

Money’s not for people like us

Money doesn’t but happiness

etc, etc, write away –

Now next to those beliefs – write where you heard them – who said them, why they may have said them.

Example: Let’s look at my Nan’s beliefs “that you have to look good to have a man to have money”. She was told that by her Mother, she believed this was the way to survive, and in turn I still heard that from my Grandmother, generations later even though things were different, women were making money and on their own terms. But it was so set in she kept passing down that message. What did my Mother and I get from this belief that my Grandmother lived with her whole life – 1. You have to look good, 2. If you didn’t you were never going to meet a man, 3. The man makes the money,  4. Women didn’t make money, there are so many beliefs attached. Can you imagine how many blocks we receive –

My Grandmothers belief – learned from her Mother – why? to survive in the war – is that still true now? Knowing that it’s not true now, can you give that back to where it came from, and can you release that belief? Can you see where I doesn’t apply? Can you see how that has help you back, can you let it go?

Once you agree to let it go, it is time to replace the old beliefs with new thoughts, ones that allow money into your life.

Start with Gratitude –

Write a Journal of all you are thankful for – what you have in your life and what you expect to come into your life.

Affirmations for Attraction Money with the Law of Attraction

Repeat affirmations daily, fill you mind with rich, positive beliefs trading for those that don’t belong to you, that have been passed to you and now you are releasing them – Here are money affirmations to start with, add to the list and make them yours.

Law of Attraction Affirmations

I’ve created a list of positive money beliefs that will help your prosperity flow to you.

Powerful Money and Abundance Beliefs

I am wealthy, prosperous and abundant.

Money comes easily to me.

It’s so fun and easy to make lots of money.

Money comes quickly and easily to me.

I (always) have plenty of money.

I have more than enough money at all time.

I deserve to have what I want in my life.

I’ve got what it takes to have lots of money.

I can have what I want and help others get what they want.

I have lots of residual income.

My business is streamlined, efficient and prosperous.

My income increases exponentially immediately.

My income increases with ease and grace.

I am very lucky with money.

I can afford whatever I want.

The Universe loves to give me money.

I can have money and be close to my family.

When I know what I want, things come to me naturally.

Managing money is easy and fun.

It’s easy for me to sell or share my services.

I love myself and I am worthy of an abundance of money.

I am attracting lots of money right now.

Money flows quickly and easily to me.

My needs are as important as anyone’s.

I achieve whatever I set my mind to do.

I can do whatever I want.

It’s easy and fun for me to manage money (or learn to manage money).

I am whole, complete and connected to the divine.

The source of abundance is inside me therefore I am always abundant.

I deserve to be paid well for my work.

It’s easy to be well paid for my work. I am rich.

I am valued, I am loved, I am worthwhile and I am worthy.

I’m the kind of person who enjoys having money.

I expect the best every day.

It’s easy for me to make lots of money.

Having money is fun.

I use money wisely.

Money is plentiful.

There is enough for everyone.

I have plenty of money.

I accept all the good things that life can give me.

Having money gives me greater choices in life.

I have a great relationship with money.

I trust the decisions I make.

I am smart with money.

My dreams come true.

People with money are kind.

Money is my birthright.

Money flows into my life, my bank account, it is an endless flow

You have taken perfect action to allow money to flow freely from all sources.

I attract and accept money it with grace.

And so it is.