10 Ways to Know You Can Have a Better Life

10 Ways to Know You Can Create a Better Life

Better Life Yes You Can!Sometimes life’s challenges can cloud what we see, at times it’s overwhelming and feels like your going two steps forward and three steps back. It’s important to know you’re okay, that you are strong capable and okay knowing you have the power to move forward and have a better life.

1. You have a roof over your head, a safe environment: – You had food to eat and clean clothing to wear. When you have the basic needs, able to support yourself, you have enough to move forward and create the life you want. You have a foundation to build on.

2. You are working hard for causes you believe in. – When you work hard to survive, this is stressful, but when you work hard for something you believe in, love or want to do this is called purpose or passion.

3. You believe in yourself. – You have enough faith and conviction that you are not swayed by anyone else’s values, beliefs or whims. When you believe in yourself you have the power to make decisions and when you make choices of your own accord you are enough to create your own path.

4. You are choosing to be happy in your own way. – Everyone has their own definition of happiness, happiness can be a new pair of shoes for some, a walk in nature, a deep feeling you have inside, when you  have your own definition of happiness and follow that you begin to see that the decision to be happy has been in your hand all along.

5. You are able to forgive. – Forgiveness is not easy, sometimes the hurt is so bad, yet it holds you hostage while the one who has wronged to may not give what they have done a second thought. Maybe they do feel bad or guilty, we may never know. When you forgive you do not have to tell them the person or face them, you can allow yourself to forgive by saying acknowledging it to yourself, when you so that you know you are doing okay. “Forgiveness free’s you to move forward and it passes the wrong back giving the choice to the other to do better to choose better.

6. When you stop tolerating just anything that comes your way.– If you tolerate thing, you’ll get more of the same, you know your doing okay when you notice what you don’t want. When you notice what you don’t want and will not accept what you don’t want, you are taking responsibility and are strong enough to redirect, stop or eliminate instead of tolerate. Some people just don’t see they put up with the status-quo but when you see and reject what doesn’t serve you you are a capable of choosing what you don’t want and more-so what you do want in your life.  Building strength and character.

7. You have made the it through of some tough life situations. – We often smile our way through tough times, we wonder if we’re going to make it out the others side. People ask us if we’re okay and situation, we smile and say “fine” but often we aren’t we’re making the best out of a situation we have little control over. The only control is how we handle and overcome it.  Little by little we manage the situation, it helps to know we are strong enough and can make it through, though we may be changed we can step through.

8You aren’t afraid to fail. – The most successful people have had the biggest failures, many time and time again, yet they have seen what may have been considered failures as amazing learning opportunities. If you have hit a roadblock, got up, dusted yourself you are strong enough and more than okay to move forward and become wildly successful.

9. You still believe in the possible. –  Disappointments will arise, you want to give up, it feels impossible, but you can let go and have faith in what could be.  If you are open, have the belief, then all is possible. You have set the intention to go on and create something wonderful.

10. You haven’t let the beliefs of others stop you. – Other people beliefs or versions of what they think should be is the biggest killer of the people’s dreams. We have been taught to listen to parents, society and old limiting beliefs and misconceptions. When you don’t listen to the beliefs of others, follow your heart and intuition you are strong enough, clear enough to create your own path and the life you desire.

These are a just a few reasons to know you are enough, you are okay and you are capable to create a fulfilling, loving life on purpose.