11 Morning Rituals to Kickstart Your Day

Morning Rituals to Start the Day Right!

Get the day started with 11 morning rituals that we love!

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Have you ever had those days, the ones that are meh…Yes, you know what I’m talking about. You rolled out of bed, stepped on the cat, and, run out of the house wearing the remnants of last nights mascara.

And the rest of the day goes downhill from there…

The good news is you can reverse things. These small changes are a perfect way to set you up for an amazing day.

Rituals for the Morning

Morning is a beautiful time to create habits that set up your day for success. It’s a time to connect with your inner spirit so that you can step into the world feeling calm, centered and purposeful.

Here are my 11 of my favorite morning rituals that I use to kick start my day. You can try them all or you pick a few and see which ones you like.

1. Breathe Deep

As you lay on the bed take a few deep breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Fill your belly with rich oxygen that flows through your body and clears your mind.

Breathing will help boost your mood and release tension for a fresh start to the day.

2. Morning Meditation

Meditation offers so many benefits. It can bring clarity to your mind, bring a sense of inner peace, and helps you to connect with your Higher Self (the part of you that holds all the answers you seek).

Just 10 minutes a day will have a positive impact on your life.

3. Read Something Inspirational

As you sip your morning coffee take a few moments to get inspired. Reading positive quotes and words can make you feel happier, lighter and appreciative.

Subscribe to daily inspirations, and have a selection of favorite inspirational quotes and stories on hand so you can reflect on them when you have a few moments for your self.

4. Consciously Choose a Thought for the Day

When you wake up, does your mind automatically begin planning, worrying and ruminating about the day ahead?

Take back control by beginning your day with a short mantra or prayer – it will keep your mind calm and set the tone for your morning.

You may wish to say: Thank you for this beautiful new day. How can I serve the cause of love today?

5. Practice Presence and Mindfulness

This is another great way to prevent your mind from automatically speeding up and churning like a washing machine.

Connect with the present moment by feeling the soft bedsheets against your skin; feeling your feet on the floor as you take your first steps; and listening for morning sounds around you.

6. Visualize Your Desires

Spend a few moments visualizing your ideal day, or your grander vision for your dream life. You may even have a vision board to help you do this.

Feel the feeling of already having what you desire and give thanks in advance for it coming into your life.

7. Write in Your Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is one of life’s sweet shortcuts to happiness. When you give grateful for what you have you naturally attarct more as your vibrant is raised. Daily journalling sends a message of thank to the unverse which will magnetize good things to your life.

A gratitude practice doesn’t have to take long – simply write out three things you are grateful for. The trick is to be specific and use details. For example, rather than simply listing your partner, list something special and quirky about them that you love.

8. Move Your Body

Doing a few simple yoga stretches can get your mind and body feeling awake and energised.

It also gets you in touch with your body and out of your mind for a few extra moments.

9. Write Morning Pages

Grab a piece of paper and write ‘stream-of-consciousness’ style for a few minutes – write from your heart and soul without censoring or stopping.

It’s a great way to get in touch with your true feelings and gain insight on any challenges you are facing.

10. Give Thanks to the Morning Sun

We take the sun for granted like we take many blessings in our life for granted.

Take a moment in the morning and give thanks for the rising sun.Β  Even if it’s hiding behing the clouds the sn is there giving life to the planet and that includes the food that nourishes you. The sun is a beautiful symbol of all of the beauty in the world and the gift of life itself.

11. Set Daily Intentions

Intentions can create your day and your destiny. As your brushing your teeth choose an intention to guide your thoughts and actions for the day.

For example, your intention could be: to enjoy simple pleasures; practice unconditional love; have more fun; or, to relax and trust in life more.

Concluding Our Favorite 11 Morning Rituals

I hope that you enjoy our 11 morning rituals. They are a beautiful way to start the day. You can do them all or pick your favorite and get ready to turn meh into amazing!


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