21 Positive Affirmations for Health You’ll Love

21 Positive Affirmations for Health

21 Shareworthy Positive Affirmations for Health

Here are 21 positive health affirmations that we think you’ll love.

Positive affirmations can help health. These powerful words when used regularly transform negative thoughts to positive ones.

Whether you’re trying to get healthy or maintain your good health efforts there are times when we can use a little encouragement. While good nutrition and exercise is paramount it’s important to take care of our mind. And this is where positive affirmations help. Let learn a little about affirmations.

About Affirmations

In his famous book, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale stated, you are what you think. You become what you think about most of the time. He believed that if a person only feed their mind with negative thoughts, they experience life through a dark lens.

Unfortunately, many people today, are live with this “dark” kind of mindset. It’s not hard to do as we are bombarded 24/7 to negative messages through media, etc. This is what sells and since that’s not likely toΒ  change, it’s up to us to achieve a blissful and positive state of mind.

Fortunately, our minds are incredibly powerful and are capable of awesome things. Our job is to stand guard at the doors of our thoughts and feed it inspiring words. This is where positive affirmations come into play.

Understanding Affirmations and How They Have a Positive Impact

Affirmations are suggestions that you give to yourself and can be either positive or negative. As you give yourself these suggestions, you are feeding them into your subconscious mind, which is what ultimately helps to determine your mental attitude.

These words and thoughts will ultimately build a positive or optimistic mental attitude and as your mind will begin to accept these suggestions as reality. Since the mind is unable to differentiate between your imagination and your reality. You can use this to your advantage.

When you consistently send positive ideas into your subconscious, it will start to trust them as if they are real. And, when your thoughts become positive, you start to become more optimistic about your life and the world around you.

Your thoughts, after all, make up who you are. So by thinking positively, you can empower yourself and build a healthy mindset, and, a healthy frame of mind that is always thinking of growth, development, new ideas. Now you are beginning to see how positive affirmation have an impact on health.

A positive mindset will give you the strength and courage to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Additionally, positive attracts positive opportunities.

When you create a positive thought in your mind, it moves out and starts drawing towards you helpful and constructive opportunities that can help you fulfill your goals.

This is how positive affirmations work, and why using them daily will gradually turn you into a vibrantly positive healthy individual.

Why You Should Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help to significantly boost your self-esteem, resulting in improved performance in different aspects of life. Affirmations help to build a positive and feel-good frame of mind. And a good mindset help us to care for our overall wellbeing.

When you have an optimistic mindset, you tend to think positively a majority of the time, and your are able to notice any negative and quickly reframe to a positive outcome.

I Can Mindset

When you use your mind to change your thoughts his helps to build self-belief, which in turn shapes your self-confidence instilling the β€˜I can’ mindset.

When you have a I can attiitude you start taking action, and you eventually take charge of your goals and become successful in life.

The effective use of affirmations to achieve health, wealth and success in every pillar of your life.

21 Positive Affirmations For Good Health

We have our overview of affirmation and have an understanding how they are of benefit. Now it’s time to use these positive affirmations for good health.

It is so easy to take our health for granted these days. A cookie here, a cola there. At first, nothing happens, but slowly, over time our weight starts to creep up, we start to feel tired and down in the dumps.Β  What follows is all the negative feelings that go along with it: anger, anxiety, and frustration along with a decrease in our self-esteem.

Fortunately, becoming healthier is relatively simple. All it takes is making a decision to make a change. Affirmations can help change our lives in so many ways and that includes improving our mental and physical well-being.

Using what we know about affirmations it’s time to apply them to health. Consciously making small, seemingly insignificant, but positive choices every day will bring results that are often surprising.

After three weeks we develop a habit and suddenly discover that it’s not only become easier, but automatic to make better healthier choices.

Just like with our physical health, you can strengthen your mind by nourishing it with developing your skills and talents, good books, spending more time with friends, and seeking out more experiences that provide us opportunities for growth.

Here are 21 Affirmations for Health.

I Honor My Body, I am Surrounded by Others Who Want Me to be Healthy

I Invest in the Health of my Mind and Body

My Daily Habits are Helping Me to Become Healthier and Happier

Peace Flows Through my Body and Soul

My Body is My Temple

I Feel Good My Body Feels Good and I Radiate Nothing but Good Feelings

I Look After My Body With Compassion

I Am Full of Energy and Life

I Am Completely in Control of My Health, Wellness and Healing

I Am Energetic and Vibrant

I Feel Enthusiastic, Vibrant and Energetic Every Moment

I Am Capable of Being Able to Maintain My Perfect Weight

I Am Worthy of Being Healthy

My Body Is Healthy, I Am Wealthy, And My Mind is Wise

I Am More Than I Seem To Be And Within Me Are All The Powers of the Universe

I Love How It Feels To Be Healthy

I Appreciate And Adore My Body Mind And Soul

I Am Grateful for My Healthy Body

I Am An Effective, Fit And, Energetic Person, Who Is Capable of Handling Anything
I Maintain My Body Weight Effortlessly and Easily Every Day

I Have Abundant Energy to Live My Life

Write your affirmations on post it notes and place around the house, or keep in a wallet so you can read often.

Andrea xo

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