3 healthy habits for a better life

3 Morning Habits for a Better Life

3 Simple Things to Kick Start Your Morning and Improve Your Life

Simple Daily Habits for a Better Life

3 healthy habits for a better lifeKick the morning blues, set yourself up for success and feel better all over.

Most people who appear to have happy, healthy lives have a daily ritual or things that they do on a daily basis to kick start their day. From Bob Proctor to successful entrepreneurs and active retiree’s have habits that work.  

Read about the 3 simple habits that take just a few minutes a day that you can start today on your path to a better life.  

As you create and practice new habits they become second nature and will naturally expand without the need to force yourself to change.


Morning Stretch

Stretch every morning, for 10-15 minutes. This will increase your posture and balance for leaner muscles and stronger bones.

As you stretching oxygen flows to the brain to improve and relax the mind and has benefits that will carry you through the day and into the night for a restful sleep.

And as you sleep you will heal, be less stressed for the following day and the cycle if wellness and all of these life changing benefits from just 10 minutes stretching each day.

Give Gratitude

Before you sleep or first thing in the morning, take a few minutes and write 5-10 things you are thankful for. There may be days when you just don’t feel that grateful, but there is always something to give gratitude for.

It doesn’t have to be large things, earth shattering things, give gratitude is for small things. Think about someone in your life, your pets, flowers, the air you breathe, the food you ate. Sit quietly and write on thing that you are thankful for and more will flow. 

When you are grateful for what you have or what surrounds you, you change your vibration and more of what you appreciate and want is naturally attracted to you. One simple journal, a note pad and a pen and you can create changes beyond what you imagine with this one simple habit.

Drink Lemon Water

Each morning drink one or two 8 oz glasses of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon. This is a natural cleanse, helping clear our toxins, and allowing the body to function optimally. I also go one step further and have a small glass with baking soda to  further alkalize the body. 

When a body is alkaline it is PH balanced and makes it very difficult for disease to thrive in a detoxed alkalized body. A healthy body is the foundation for a happier healthier life.

These 3 habits, though incredibly simple will help transform your day and as a result you life. And, as you see positive results you will naturally choose to add life changing habits that will not only kick start your morning but kick start your life. 

It is the ripple effect.


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