calming your mind in nature

6 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Stress Less

How to Calm Your Mind Using These 6 Hacks

Looking forways to calm your mind? Then check out these 6 easy steps to get more peace in your life.

People are so busy these days that their minds are in a constant battle. Our minds are filled with rambling thoughts like… what’s for dinner, did I pay that bill… oh, and what about this.. and that..the list goes on.

calming your mind in nature

If left unchecked these “little annoyances” can lead to stress and anxiety. Thankfully there are a few things we can do to calm those thoughts.

Here are 6 tricks to calm your mind.

1. Try To Focus When You Close Your Eyes

If you notice that your mind is racing take a moment to close your eyes. Then think of a place your love such as a beach, the lake or your happy place at home as you sit with your dog.

When a thought comes to mind, as if you can notice the colors, the sound and the feeling of peace. This helps quiet all the nonsense and helps you focus on the here and now.

2. Tune Your Body

A great way to keep a clear head is to try focusing on different parts of your body. Close your eyes and start from your head to your toes or the other way around. Notice the different feelings you get as you focus on each part of yourself. This helps you clear any unwanted thoughts and helps you feel amazing about yourself.

3. Be A Part Of Nature

Hiking can be one of the most amazing ways to clear your head. You’re constantly walking through the great outdoors, seeing some of the most spectacular views, and you’ll find yourself not thinking about anything else at all.

Nature holds some of the most beautiful things this world has to offer. Embracing the elements in such a way can keep a clear head for hours.

4. Take A Minute To Breathe

Breathing exercises are an excellent way of clearing your mind. Finding a pattern to breathe deeply too is one of the most relaxing ways of calming down. Ever notice when someone says take a deep breath is so that they can calm down and focus on how they can relax. I recommend doing breathing exercises while meditating.

5. Look On The Bright Side

If you’re constantly looking at the negatives of things, a great way to cheer yourself up is all the things you can be grateful for. Think of all the things you’ve done in your life up until this moment. There is an endless amount of things you can be grateful for.

Your health, your education, success, friends, family, you name it. This will force your head into thinking of happy things only.

6. Don’t Label Yourself

People have a horrible habit of labeling everything and everyone. Labels only cause separation between each other. By comparing yourself to this label or that label isn’t a healthy way to go about thinking.

Realize that the only label you need is your name. Because that’s who you are. You aren’t defined by anything else but your own definition of you. Love yourself, be happy with what you have. No one else can experience the same life as yours and that is what makes you awesome.

Calm Your Mind in Conclusion

Stress, racing thoughts are part of life and they will revisit often. But if you act quickly when you are feeling overwhelmed the use these tips for calming your mind.

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