9 Simple Morning Hacks to Kick Start Your day

9 Simple Morning Life Hacks

Start Your Day GreatGetting Productive: Not a morning person or need to re awaken some habits? I have never been motivated in the morning in fact I do my best work at night, that’s worked for me until now. But what am I missing in the morning? Time to shift habits? If you want more out of your day here are a few ways to kick start for your morning for a more productive day and improved life.

How you start your morning can have a big impact on the rest of your day. You can significantly enhance your mood and lower your overall anxiety simply by planning your morning out a bit.

Check out these 9 habits to help get your day off to a great start. Try some or try all, even trying a few will make for a better day.

1. Hit the snooze button? Once Only!

If you like to hit the snooze button, no need to quit cold turkey, give yourself the one time rule. Give yourself 10 more minutes to clear the fog, prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead and you still have control over the alarm. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier, you get to take charge and the extra few minutes you need in the morning.

2. Brighten The View.

Studies have shown that colours have an impact on your mood.  Wake up to fresh colors-comforter, walls, curtains-can actually improve your mood, boost confidence, and just plain make you happier. Want to be brighter start to the day? Try greens and yellows, or blues for calming, or reds and violets for more energy. Open the shades let the light stream in, light-filled room  increase your mood and energy and in the darker days a sun light will do the job. Vitamin D for the mind.

3. Put on a Smile.

Even if your not a morning smiler, make a smiley face. Even by making a fake smile sends signals to your brain making the happy chemicals, the feel-good endorphin’s. Then keep smiling, even if you have to fake it the first couple of tries, who knows you may even start laughing. Smile its contagious.

4. Crank up the Volume

While you’re showering and getting ready in the morning, crank up the music and move to the beat. Music makes you feel happier, improves blood vessel function, puts you in a much better mood, and reduces stress. Studies have also shown that music reduces anxiety and gives the same feel good affect as receiving a massage. Boogie on!

5. Lemon Fresh Water and Some Breakfast

If you love breakfast carry on, the body needs energy, for the mind and the body in the morning? I find a big breakfast  too much for me in the morning, but I do my water with lemon, not or cold. It hydrates the body and brain and the lemon is a great natural cleanser. Not hungry early then take 5 for a bite to eat around 10 am.

6. Take 10 for yourself.

You set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier, right? then this is your morning time to catch up on the news of the day, meditate, read,  or whatever makes you feel good for  great start to the day.

7. Prioritize.

Scan your calendar and email, then pick your most important task of the day is. Knock that off the list first thing and the rest will be the easier stuff. While we usually put off the toughest one, so knock it out of the way and make the day less daunting. This will also help break procrastination of the inevitable. Creating clarity before for the day will set you up for success, because it allows you time to think, strategize and create a successful plan for the day.

8. Do Something Personal

Take care of something you need to do for you, whether its eliminating one thing on your personal to-do list, or spending a few minutes with someone you love then take some time in the morning just for you- it’ll free you from resenting your day knowing you have put yourself first on the list.

9. Be Inspired.

Use your daily commute to listen to your favourite music, newscast or or take time to learn something new or listen to something inspiring. This is a great way to set a positive tone for your day, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, opens your mind to creativity and energizes you personally. It’s not all bout the work, its about you and how you take on the day.

Make it great