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Welcome to Live Your Best Life Daily I’d love to tell you a little about , what we love and what we want to share with you. Live Your Best Life was created with passion by yours truly, Andrea Preece and have been fortunate to have a team of people who love to share and contribute to breathe life into our journey.
My story. As a child I was ever curious as to what made people happy, what they wanted to do with their lives, what work they wanted to do, what they were passionate about and if they had to change something what would they do differently? Like a sponge I wanted to know about everyone, what drove them and how I could help. As an intuitive, independent, strong yet very sensitive person, I feel the pain of others and am driven to make a difference. 
My journey – after leaving school, not a place I enjoyed or ever felt like I fit in, I became a stylist, though I love fashion and creativity what I really loved was the opportunity to talk to my clientelle; they shared stories of their lives, their children, relationships, what they longed for deep down, I was a natural sounding board, confidant and I loved being asked to my opinion and what I could do. After I married I stayed home with my 2 beautiful sons, I was happy and adored watching them grow. Finances were tough, I was young, married and then a sudden announcement came, mu parents along with my brother and sister were moving to Canada. This would take us on a roller coaster ride from moving across the world, to starting a new life, a divorce, sever depression and eventually working my way out of a very dark place, until an earth shattering death that would change our lives for ever. 
This is real life, and I share my journey with you in the hopes I will make a difference in your life, make a connection so in turn you will make a difference in the life of another. 
And the journey of Live Your Best Life Daily was born….. follow me, share your story and lets grow together, whether its leaps and bounds or tiny steps. We can do this!
From the heart ~

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