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Abundance Mantra for Success Wealth Happiness

abundant affirmations for success health wealth love
Written by Andrea

Positive Mantra’s to Attract Abundance

abundant affirmations for success health wealth loveAbundance mantras are powerful words, like affirmations that will help you to manifest more of what you want in life. As you repeat these words or read them over  and gain they will become part of your thought.

These positive words are so powerful they will transform your life as you attract what you desire, such as wealth, health, love and happiness. Desires of a successful life.

Make copies and place these magnetic abundant words around your home; read this list, speak them aloud, and as you develop your power to attract add more to your list.

This is your life to create all of the magnificent you want and are. Receive your affirmation mantra’s and grow into all that you are…

Positive Affirmation Mantra’s for Health, Wealth, Love and all you Desire

I am abundant.

An abundant life is my birthright.

The universe provides me with an abundance of opportunities.

Every day, I manifest new ways to increase my bank account.

I become more and more passionate about living.

I create abundant success in life.

My life is filled with beautiful opportunities.

I am am so blessed I am more than enough.

I travel wherever I desire.

I attract powerful positive relationships into my life.

I attract Love in every area if my life.

I am a great giver and receiver in relationships.

I have more than enough.

I express gratitude for everything in life.

I experience happiness and joy in every moment.

I love money and money comes to me as I am a magnet.

I see and feel my dream home as I manifest my dream home.

I manifest tremendous possibilities for traveling to other countries.

Every place I leave is a much better place because of me.

The universe is filled with abundance.

I am perfection in all that I am and all that I do.

As you repeat this mantra’s breathe deeply, allow the words and the energy they carry into your mind, body and fill your soul.

Share the mantra’s with others as you are a ripple effect for all that is and shall be, for the greater good of all.

Namaste xo

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