what to when you have diabetes

Diagnosed With Diabetes 2 What’s Next

Top Tips for People Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes What to Do When You are Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes   I heard the words “the blood tests are back, your fasting blood sugar is an 8 and my dear you have full blown diabetes”. The Doctor words ran in the background – blurriness, […]

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get rif of fupa belly fat fast

Why You’ll Never Get Rid of Belly Fat Unless You

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat With This One Thing You know what to eat, you exercise, you do everything right and you can’t get rid of belly fat. We even come up with pet names; the pooch, fupa (fat around the pubic area) or beer gut and pretend we’ve come to terms with […]

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abundant affirmations for success health wealth love

Abundance Mantra for Success Wealth Happiness

Positive Mantra’s to Attract Abundance Abundance mantras are powerful words, like affirmations that will help you to manifest more of what you want in life. As you repeat these words or read them over  and gain they will become part of your thought. These positive words are so powerful they will transform your life as […]

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3 healthy habits for a better life

3 Morning Habits for a Better Life

3 Simple Things to Kick Start Your Morning and Improve Your Life Simple Daily Habits for a Better Life Kick the morning blues, set yourself up for success and feel better all over. Most people who appear to have happy, healthy lives have a daily ritual or things that they do on a daily basis […]

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