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best vegan fat for weight loss coconut oil

Eat Fat Loose Weight Coconut Oil Benefits

Lose Weight Healthy Fat Coconut Oil for Wellness Contrary to what some diets have led us to believe we need to consume healthy oils for wellness. Oil is food for out brain, rebuilds our bodies and essential for a healthy functioning body. Oils are confusing, some of us fear them and rightly so as we […]

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fast quick healthy meals Buddha bowls

How to East Fast Healthy Meals-Buddha Bowls

Buddha Bowls: Fast Healthy Plant Based Meals Are you ready to kick-start your taste-buds and boost your health with rich plant based healthy recipes? I am always looking for healthy plant-based recipe ideas that are quick and delicious. Even the pickiest of eaters will find a Buddha bowl they can’t resist. Eating whole plant-based foods are […]

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Insomnia Music to Sleep and Heal Audio

How to End Insomnia with Music for a Better Life How to Use Music for Sleep and Improve Your Life Lessons from an insomniac. I know when I was young I didn’t seem to need sleep, I was wired and ready to go, it ran in the family. I remember my Dad a workaholic who […]

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Quiet Your Mind Benefits

Could You Quiet Your Mind for Ten Minutes? Mindfulness Expert Andy Puddicombe Ted Talk What If You Could Quiet Your Mind for a few minutes a day and practice mindfulness. Do you worry you’ll become drab and boring and think you have to surrender your worldly good in exchange for peace. Quite the contrary! I’ve […]

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universal consciousness

Consciousness: 6 Steps to Change Your Life

Conscious: Change Your life in 6 Steps I have always been fascinated with human consciousness, spirituality, who we are and what is the purpose for life and what happens at the end of our days. How do we find peace and joy while we are on this earth?   I recently read an amazing article, I […]

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