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Beginners Yoga

Video: Yoga for Complete Beginners

Change Your Life With Yoga – Complete Beginners! Yoga sounds simple but never underestimate it’s power. Yoga will change your life, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you’re a complete beginner to¬†yoga check out this video. Practicing yoga will get you on the road to health, building strength, tone muscles and that’s for starters. To learn […]

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Spirulina Superfood

How to Get Protein for Vegans and Vegetarians

How to Get More Protein for Vegan and Vegetarians Spirulina Protein a Super Food You Need Spirulina may take a bit of getting used to, but the taste is worth it and you’ll adjust to eating this nutritious power food and protein replacement. It’s a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians get more protein. So […]

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the secret of getting started is to begin agatha christie

9 Simple Morning Hacks to Kick Start Your day

9 Simple Morning Life Hacks Getting Productive: Not a morning person or need to re awaken some habits? I have never been motivated in the morning in fact I do my best work at night, that’s worked for me until now. But what am I missing in the morning? Time to shift habits? If you […]

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