Change Your Life With 7 Daily Habits

Change Your Life 7 Tiny Habits That Make a Big Difference

Are you ready to change your life? Then check out these 7 daily habits that are easy to do and you can get started today.daily habits for happiness

Just a few tiny changes can help you to live your best life every day. So if you’re ready to up your game these 7 simple yet powerful things will help transform your life beginning today!

These ideas may not sound earth shattering but they work.

Start with one at a time, add them to your daily routine and I promise you will notice change. Read on…

Change Your Life With These Simple Practices

1. Give Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to change your life is to give gratitude. Get a journal that you like and a pen. Each night before bed and as you wake begin writing 3 things you are grateful for. In the beginning it may seem like a difficult task.

As you practice writing in journal it becomes easier as you notice more of what you are thankful for. start simple and see what you notice.

As you put pen to paper, think about your day. Let your thoughts flow and write what ever comes to your mind. Writing down what you are thankful for is a positive and powerful cycle that helps manifest more of the good stuff.

Begin with your morning, what you had for breakfast, the weather, your home, there is nothing that is too small to be grateful for. When you begin to give thank you will notice more of what you have, and, all that is good. As you as increase your awareness your life will begin to change.

Here are a few examples to write in your journal, you can start with I am thankful for:

  • the food I eat
  • a warm bed
  • caring friend
  • for the beautiful (you fill in the space) I saw today

Small or large, whatever you write will attract abundance in your life

2. Five-Minute Mini Meditation

Meditation is the ultimate mind-body experience, and it can even help you heal and restore your health. Meditation allows you to tap into your own healing power and to shed painful emotional and self-defeating thoughts. And, when practiced will help you get rid the tension of the day which naturally helps improve overall life.

Here is How to Do a Simple Life Changing Meditation

  • Simply close your eyes and take yourself somewhere in your mind, imagine a beach, the mountains or any place that gives you peace.
  • Sit and breathe deeply in through the nose, and out through the mouth.
  • If you have struggle focusing pick a word and repeat quietly such as “Peace” “Calm”
  • Take 10 minutes a day, at home, work, because you are worth it.

3. Deep Breathing

Most of us go through our day without giving breath a thought, we breathe shallow, and neglect to take in the rich oxygen to relax our bodies and nourish our brain. Become aware of your breathe, notice the calm and peace as it grounds you in the present.

How to Breathe Properly

  • Put your hand on your belly
  • Take a deep breathe in through your nose and feel you belly expand
  • As you breathe out through your nose, notice your relax
  • Feel the tension go and you will gain clarity and perspective

We take breath for granted, it is our life force, use it, it is your internal source of power. Once you practice deep breathing you will change mind, body and soul.

4. Put a Stop to Multi-tasking

We have been taught that multi tasking is a normal way to get ahead, nothing can be farther from the truth. All it has done is create stress, doubt of our abilities and cause more chaos in our lives.

When we focus on one thing, we do a better job, we are better people, more attentive, we have time to notice, and we re engage with life. When You Stop Multi Tasking You:

  • Release the chaos and become calmer
  • You’re present for the people you love.
  • Are focused on what is important.
  • You have time to understand what is really important.
  • Let go of overwhelm and step into your personal power.

5. Sit in the Sun

The sun is our Universal life force, we cannot survive without it, food will not grow, it is something be grateful for. (If you don’t live in a sunny place, get SAD light and take vitamin D drops).

Here are a few benefits of basking in the sun.

  • Your body naturally produces vitamin D
  • Vitamin D can help you feel more positive and more upbeat
  • The sun warms and relaxes us, it is a natural stress reliever
  • Increasing your levels of vitamin D also helps ward off
    depression, Type I diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer.

6. Be Positive-Change Your Life with Positivity

If you recorded what you said and thought on a daily basis, most of us would be surprised at how the negative thoughts outweigh the positive. We are bombarded with negative messages on the TV, social media and we can easily get caught up in the crisis of others.

But its so damaging and often what we are feeling most negative about we can’t always control. So we have a choice in how we respond. Besides people and good things are attracted to positive people.

When you catch yourself about to be negative, catch yourself and make a decision to re-frame what you were going to say or chose to refrain.

  • Give compliments if you mean them
  • Smile, you can’t be negative with a smile on your face
  • Chose to be optimistic, find the benefit
  • Listen to upbeat music it will change your state
  • Wear something vibrant
  • Accept compliments

Optimists actually have a much better time getting through the trials and tribulations of life.

7. Have a Giggle

When you laugh powerful “feel good” chemicals called endorphin’s are released into your body. Let your amazing body heal itself with laughter.

  • Watch funny movies
  • Put the music on and dance
  • Invite friends over and play charades or a game you enjoy
  • Play again, get out some paints, clay, get in the garden and get your hands dirty

You were born to do more than work and pay taxes and die. The natural child in us never leaves, embrace it, you will discover so much more about who you are and will truly transform your life for the better.

There are many ways to change your life. Taking a few moments out of each and every day to improve your life. Take short walks, make time to stop and smell the roses or talk to a neighbor. These tiny habits will help improve your life for the better which  will increase physical health and a more positive outlook something our mental health needs.

Making yourself is a priority.  As you take better care of our life and are moving toward living a life you want, you will have naturally effect others having a positive impact.

This is how you attract “manifest money, improved wellness, enjoy more happiness, and fill your life with love and rich relationships, and, much more.

Implement these 7 simple steps and notice how your life changes!

Here’s to living your best life daily,


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