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Diagnosed With Diabetes 2 What’s Next

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes: What’s to Do Next

How to Bounce Back After Your Diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes

1) Acknowledge you have a condition called diabetes, it is not who you are and its not your fault.

2) Commit to be proactive taking control of your well-being.

3) Recognize that type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease and you can take steps to manage it immediately (and if you have signs that you may be a candidate for type 2 you take these steps to prevent it).

4) Clean Eating –  Food has a major impact on blood glucose; get the most out of your mealtimes; optimize nutritional value to feel full, balance blood sugar levels and improve overall wellness. You may notice you’ll lose unwanted extra pounds too. 

5) Increase Exercise – exercise is a free powerful for life. If your not ready to step into the gym or have limited time get a home exercise program so you can fit into your schedule. Just 20 minutes a day will help manage insulin levels and improve health. Focus on getting rid of excess belly fat

6) Monitor Glucose – Have your blood sugars tested as your Dr. suggests. You may have noticed sugar lows, that shaky feeling or maybe feeling tired, grumpy or completely out of sorts. As you manage your  glucose you will notice things level out, but you can’t slack of, this is a lifestyle change.

7) Stress Less – Stress causes weight loss for some people but most report weight gain, especially the dangerous fat around the stomach also known as visceral fat considered the most harmful form of fat. Meditate daily as part of your diabetes management to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels and yoga at home.

8) Get Your Zzz’s – Sleep is the bodies natural healer, help ease, stop or reverse diabetes effects by getting the full 8 hours sleep. Make use of music for sleep, aromatherapy and guided meditation to get the deep rest you need.

Take These Steps Now, along with your physicians advice and use it to your advantage to make the life style changes that will benefit you.


When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it’s important to acknowledge that Diabetes is very serious condition. If left unchecked it can cause life threatening complications like heart disease and life altering conditions like stroke, retinopathy, and neuropathy, liver, kidneys issues, mood swings, fogginess, painful nerve damage and so much. It’s a killer disease if left uncontrolled, so were not going to do that, right!


With your Dr’s orders, add these lifestyle tips and reap the benefits and life your best life daily… no matter what!

Here’s What I Use Did After Diabetes Diagnosis and Still Do to Manage It:

Meditation – 10 mins morning or evening to de-stress (this lowers cortisol levels and belly fat

Yoga – de-stress, breath, gentle stretching  (even form a chair)  Tera’s Natural Healing Yoga.

Clean Eating– This plan helps me optimize how I eat, saves me time and wondering what to eat for diabetes.

Exercise I Use at Home – I’m not a gym fan, so I need to exercise when I can, I love yoga for so many reasons, including the anti aging benefits and you may want to check this out.

Sleep – I’ve never been a great sleeper; now in menopause, hormones going crazy, and over 50 with diabetes, quality sleep is more important than ever. I use sleep music and binaural beats (white noise) amazing.

Positivity – No one feels 100{39e92bb9970a70a907269a888ca9e417cdc36d270176cd07caacd458891e2fec} all of the time, diabetes or not, guided meditation helps me focus on the positive, keeps my mind alert, helps me focus on what’s important, family, friends, getting into life, each and every day no matter what.

Keep your eye on the big picture, life

Go Live Your Best Life Daily Grab Your Tools and Crush It!

My List:

Tera’s Natural Healing Yoga – Reduce Stress


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