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Eat Fat Loose Weight Coconut Oil Benefits

Lose Weight Healthy Fat Coconut Oil for Wellness

coconut for a health better lifeContrary to what some diets have led us to believe we need to consume healthy oils for wellness.

Oil is food for out brain, rebuilds our bodies and essential for a healthy functioning body.

Oils are confusing, some of us fear them and rightly so as we are bombarded with information, a lot which is very misleading.

But not all oils are created equally, some are refined and processed and offer little to no value, in fact cause damage, while oils such as coconut, avocado, hemp and flax offer high quality for our nutritional benefit. Whether your a vegan, trying to lose weight and need fat or boost your brain, coconut oil is magic! Discover the benefits…

Why is Coconut Oil So Good?

Besides its health benefits and delicious taste,  Coconut oil is a “healthy fat” while its high in saturated fat, it is a medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) rarely found and highly beneficial for health and wellness.  These fat chains boost brain health, may help fight against diseases of the brain by decreasing inflammation and improving brain function. Coconut oils can help keep us feeling full and aid in the way they handle blood sugar by improving insulin use in the body and as a result can be helpful in maintaining a healthy weight it weight loss plan.

It contains anti-microbial properties that can reduce infection and inflammation making it ideal for all intestinal and gut-related issues.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Optimal Benefits?

Its no secret I love coconut and you can find the oil in my kitchen and bathrooms. I cook with either coconut or avocado oil, it may not be the least expensive to buy in the beginning but once you purchase it it will last longer and help you gain optimal health. Here’s how I use this power food oil.

  • Cooking – stir-fries, omelettes, smoothies and pretty much any where you need oil to cook with. Organic oils may have a little more of the coconut flavor, while there are others that are completely flavorless and its a perfect options for a vegetarian/vegan diet.
  • Personal Care – make up remover, conditioner for dry hair (put on the ends), body cream, brush your teeth with coconut and baking soda for clean, bright sparkling teeth and gums.
  • Pet Health– I have 2 elderly dogs, they love small amounts of coconut oil daily, it helps their joints, bones and overall health.

Best Coconut Oil to Buy

While buying your coconut oil be sure that it is organic unrefined coconut 100{39e92bb9970a70a907269a888ca9e417cdc36d270176cd07caacd458891e2fec} percent pure oil. Feeding our body is a challenge, by making a few changes in your cupboards you will be able to begin to cook and eat differently, and when you eat well, you feel healthier and when you feel healthy life gets better naturally. Live Your Best Life Daily

From the heart

~ Andrea


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