Happy Life

By creating a positive environment, attracting positive people we can transform by change our thoughts and create a positive happy life.

7 ways to have a better life happy healthy

Change Your Life with 7 Tiny Changes Starting Today!

7 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

change your life in 7 simple steps

Who wouldn’t want to make changes and live a better life? Wherever you are in life you make it better. (more…)

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How to be Confident and Charismatic

How to Have Charisma and Confidence

friends happiness confidence and charismaCharisma seems to go hand in hand with confidence. If you are comfortable and confident with who you are, then chances are you may not have noticed you are naturally attractive to others.

Charismatic people have an air about them, not only are they at ease but they are so easy to be around. They are like magnets and they have so much more in life.

Charisma has nothing to with physical appearance, money, or anything you can see, it’s a feeling, a knowing and when we see a person with those qualities you can’t help but want to be like them. Get Confidence… (more…)

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wanting what you have fb

Wanting What You Have for a Happier Life

wanting what you have

Gratitude, Simplicity and Appreciation for What You Have.

We all have that friend, or a friend of a friend who talks endlessly about what she wants, more shoes, handbags, the latest BMW, a boob job, vacation, to be thinner, taller, prettier, richer, it’s endless, you know the one who has so much, she has all that is material but is she happy? Do her things fill a gap for what she really wants or a stop gap for what she doesn’t even know she is missing?

We see the woman who has so little, she cherishes everything and more importantly she cherishes everyone in her life, her children, community, the elders that she cares for, she knows people are what makes the world go around, they make her laugh, fill her time with true abundance, she feels the gratitude and appreciation. She knows what’s precious to her, yet she does not know about shoes other than the ones she wears until the holes appear, she knows not of fancy things, she doesn’t even know the exist in her world, the place where she has barely enough to feed those she cares for, is she happy for what she has or would she choose differently if only she knew what was out there, would she feel the same? (more…)

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Living the Good Life Answers

29 Answers to a Good Life

Living the Good Life 29 Answers from Experts

how to life a good life How to Live the Good Life 29 answers Speakers, Thought Leaders share what living life good means to them.
Powerful mash-up of inspirational and motivational quotes on how to be happy, life and what it all means to have what really matters.

What Does a Good Life Mean to You?

We all have an idea of what great living  means to us personally, some of you may already have the good life while others aspire to have something in their lives that will improve or fulfill their idea of what that means. (more…)

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