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How to be Happy 3 Steps to Happiness

how to be happy ways to happiness
Written by Andrea

3 Daily Habits of How to Be Happy

how to be happy habits of happiness

There are times, even weeks when we wonder if we’ll ever be happy, and though deep down we know this feeling can’t last forever, we long for it to pass so we can feel happiness again. Even the most positive of people will feel down at times, that is part of life.

No matter how positive you are, life happens, but there are habits you can integrate into your day to increase happiness and make the best of every situation.

These 3 habits become who part of who you are change and level up how you cope with life. Making even the toughest things a little bit better.

Here are 3 everyday easy habits that once incorporated into your life, will help dissolve  your ‘low’ times and let the happiness in.

Happiness Habit #1: Meditation

“There may be peace without joy, and joy without peace, but the two combined make happiness.”—John Buchan

You may have read articles and tips on the reasons to meditate, but I can share first hand through the most adverse situations meditation truly helped me clear the fog and find the light, even in my darkest times. Meditation is not only a practice but a gift to yourself.

Why Meditate

Almost every personal development blog speaks about meditation. Why should you meditate?

The practice of meditation has long and short-term and long-term benefits. So lets begin with the short-term benefits. As we meditation, we’re learn to find calm as we learn to quiet and relax our mind and body, there is no rush, this is a simple way to learnt o slow time even for a few minutes a day and pull ourselves back to the place where we feel inner peace, relaxation which naturally reduces our stress. When we ease our stress we are able to handle what may have seemed like a chaotic crisis calmly and easily.

Aw we increase meditative practices the short term benefits will reap long-term benefits. As you become more relaxed, stress less your health will improve, you will re-balance life and naturally experience greater life satisfaction and happiness. You may not even consciously notice this but it will occur and people around may ask what you’ve been doing differently. Just 15 minutes a day is a habit you can do, at work, from home and if you think  it may be difficult to quiet your mind, think again, as I highly recommend guided meditation.

Happiness Habit #2: Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are simple, they may seem a little strange in the beginning especially if you have not been in the habit of saying nice things to yourself. Affirmation are simply phrases that you read to yourself, while some people post positive words around their home, some will write them on notes or in a journal and read daily. As you feel more confident, self accepting and happier you will begin to notice positive and create your won affirmation and even begin to share with friends to life them up.

Creating Affirmation Examples:

  • I am calm, peaceful and happy
  • I am open to happiness each and everyday
  • I am surrounded by happy people
  • Happiness is my natural state

When you say happy affirmation, your mind will absorb the message and begin to accept ad receive it as truth.  What you believe you will receive.

Happiness Habit #3: Say What Makes You Happy

We have been taught that if anything makes us happy we are to suppress it to make others who are unhappy feel better. Doesn’t make sense, does it! But closing off who we are to please others eventually becomes a very negative habit. But what if you shouted out or at least spoke about what made you happy, that would be doing yourself and then a service. As you give yourself permission to be happy and acknowledge it, that will also give permissions to break their negative and notice what makes them happy.

Do and say whatever makes you happy and make it a habit. You have one life that you know of so be who you are.
So, if you love to dance, out on your music, spend a few minutes or more a day bopping around and notice how you can break out of the slump and get into your groove. Do it daily!

If you love to sing, do it every day.

If you love to do yoga, do it daily.

Do whatever you want that makes you happy!

What makes you happy will become second nature, in fact it will be you, because this is who you are at your core. You were born to be happy. Get Your Happy On Today!


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