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How to be Wealthy 7 Things You Need to Change

How to Be Rich 7  Things Holding You Back from Wealthy

money wealth woman

Why You Aren’t Rich and How to Change It!

You want to know how to be wealthy. You work hard, you aren’t lazy, stupid or lack desire, so why aren’t you?

The truth is most of us are programmed from a young age that money is “bad” and all that stems from that like that money is for “others”, you have to work hard, and, that the struggle is normal. 

We are told there are systems in place to help the rich get richer and that wealth is not for us “regular” folk. As we fight the uphill battle we unconsciously live by these beliefs placing ourselves in circumstances that doom us to fail. 

These beliefs become so embedded in us and likely the same with our parents, grandparents and those around us. But, I have a personal belief that I want to share with you and this is “beliefs that don’t serve us are meant to be shattered so we can re-shape to work in our favour”. So before we reshape our beliefs we need to recognise them, and then you will create wealth on your terms.

Read until the end and learn why it’s not your fault and these 7 beliefs you can change. Then check out this program that I think will helps makes the shift quickly and easily!

Change My Life Fast

These very thoughts are very real to you in your current circumstances, many very wealthy people though and felt like, but those that got wealthy discovered a secret to changing their mind. And it not just for a chosen few, it s there for all to access. Now it’s your turn to be the wealthy one.

These are the Main 7 Things Holding You Back and how to fix them ASAP!

1. Focus on Lack – (Learn to Switch your Focus on Lack to Abundance)

Consciously or unconsciously you focus on what you lack, not abundance. When you focus on what you don’t have, this is where you will stay stuck, —this is a fundamental law of prosperity.
Instead of thinking of what you don’t have think about how “rich” you truly are.

Family, good friends,
a creative mind, and that you have enough money. Use your imagination as if you have all that you want right now. As you shift focus on the idea that you have abundance and wealth you will begin to attract more.

2. You Don’t Believe You’re Worth It (Money is Your Birthright)

At some point you have learned or heard that you are not worthy of wealth that is evil or for other people, you have received negative messages, this sabotages you receiving the wealth you want.

Where did these messages come from, who said them, for that was their belief not yours and not your truth. Wealth is your birthright, you were born to be abundant so you can create a life you choose and serve and help others as you chose.

To become rich its time to focus on believing that you deserve to become a millionaire, imagine what that would feel like, what you would do and how you would contribute to the world.

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3. You Indentify with Broke (Time to Create a Wealthy Identity)

You have been without money for so long you can remember what it was like to have it. That struggle becomes your identity, and you begin to believe you will never be rich.

While this may be your circumstance for now, people who were broke make mental shifts, imagine your wallet full of money. The actor Jim Carey believed he would have tons of money and wrote a check to himself for one million dollars. He looked at it several times a day.

He imagined being a millionaire and he focused he attention on pulling it into his life. It pulled him through his toughest times and he became wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. 

Make imaginary checks out to yourself, and write affirmation and place where you can see with the words “I give thanks for my wealth and the ability to chose the life I desire”.  If you think of yourself as broke the Universe will give you back what you focus on and part of that is a new self identity.

4. You Don’t Take Chances (Trust Yourself and Take Calculated Risks)

Have you notices rich people go outside their comfort zone, it may not be easy but you have to break out and take risks. If no one took a chance nothing would change.

People with money, dream big, take action, ask for what they want. And as they do they get better at it until it is no longer uncomfortable.

When you seek you shall receive, so why not ask for all the good you want. Take a chance ask for a pay raise, invest in yourself in your change. Break away from anyone who tells you, you can’t prove them wrong.

5. You’re a Follower, Not a Leader (be the Leader in Your Life)

Wealthy people break away, they break the chains from people who are negative, hold them back, they forge their own path.

Focus on what you want, this is your life, no one else gets to choose for you. When you stop following and make your own decisions, you will discover your authentic self and when you do you will align your life to attract money and what you desire.

Realize you are unique, with special talents, skills and gifts, you are a leader in your life.

6. You Don’t Set Goals and Follow Through (You Can Flip This Around)

When you feel stuck, broke and hopeless, you give up dreaming, setting goals, or having anything to look forward to. Often getting stuck in the past repeating the same cycles.

Time to break free, grab a pen and paper, a calendar, and write down all that you want, I mean everything, the car, the house, vacation, in bold detail from the location to the color, and the amount of money.

It’s time to get into the mindset of possibility and rediscovering what you want. Start with small goals, attainable and reach them, prove to yourself you can follow through and complete. This build confidence, personal power and belief that you can and will reach what you want.

7. You Don’t Invest In Yourself (You MUST! This is How You Change Your Life)

Misery loves company! When you are surrounded by people who live in and believe that you don’t deserve or you are not destined for abundance, its easy to become a victim of those circumstances.

It’s like a virus that infect your own thoughts and you will remain stuck if you don’t take action and end the cycle.

The only way to change your life is for you to invest in yourself. You have the power to change your life. There are numerous cases of struggling people who learned how to be rich by investing in themselves. They learned to re-write their thoughts about wealth and in turn their entire lives.

They took personal responsibility; deep down we know we have the power and now it is time to take charge, grab the reigns, do whatever it takes to do whatever it takes to change your thoughts and change your life.

This is your time for wealth and abundance.

A Few Last Words on How to Be Wealthy

Begin to dream, and dream big, money loves energy so take action and invest in changing your mindset. Dissolving old beliefs and trade up for new, better beliefs that will bring you what you want. Just $47 Today!

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