How to Write a Love Letter in 5 Easy Steps

Write a Love Letter in 5 Easy Steps

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Letters are a beautiful way to express the words that escape you.  In this article we share how to write a love letter that expresses what you want to say and, one they will cherish forever.

We have much to say, so why is it so hard to tell the loved one in our life exactly what they mean to us? Is it that we struggle to find the right words or how to convey them?

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. When you are busy living life, there never seems time to slow down and really appreciate that relationship that makes it all worthwhile.

Oftentimes we assume that those closest to us know exactly how we feel about them. But the reality is that often they don’t.

So how can you write a love letter that will express what you want and one that your loved one will cherish for all time?

5 Steps to Write a Love Letter

Follow these easy tips below and you’ll be on your way in no time.

1. Pick 5 Things You Love About Your Partner

First write down 5 things that you love about your partner and be as specific as possible. Rather than writing that they are passionate, instead be detailed about how they are passionate.

Perhaps the way they talk about who and what they love, and how they light up when they express themselves. Maybe it in the way they engage with others, how they make you feel and those around them.

2. Write 5 things to Acknowledge

Begin by writing 5 things that confirm how much you love them and again, give real examples.

Perhaps they wrapped you in a hug last night when you were feeling frustrated about your work. Or maybe they acknowledged that you had a tough day and they cooked your favorite meal to make you feel special. Maybe they always take notice of your favorite colors, music and the little things that matter to you.

3. Pick 3 Examples

Pick the three best examples from each of the above to weave and write in your love letter. You could start by saying ‘I love how you…’ and then include the three examples from the first point.

Then you could say something like ‘I loved the way you…’ and then mention the other examples. Make sure you emphasize how their actions made you feel, how loved you felt and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

4. Write a Draft

It is best to write up a draft first and then go over it to see if you can improve it. Sometimes it helps to write up what you want to say, edit it until it flows well and then leave it for a day or two before going back for a final edit and polish.

5. Hand Write Your Letter

Buy some special writing paper and hand write your letter. Don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t perfect, it’s part of what makes you unique. Handwritten words have a feel to them, and your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into the letter.

If you feel your writing is a roadblock to writing a letter, then pay to get it hand written by a professional. At a stretch if you could use a more romantic font on your computer, like Garamond set in italic, but only do that as a last resort. The more personal you can make your letter the more your loved one will treasure it. Scribbles and all!

Delivering Your Love Letter

Once you’ve written your letter, it’s time to plan on how you will deliver it. Will you slip it in their briefcase? Leave it under the pillow?

Maybe you want to hand deliver to see their reaction when they open it? You could present the letter after dinner. Or with a small gift like a simple posy of flowers. You are giving a special gift, taking time to learn how to write a love letter.

Be sure to keep the focus on the gift of the letter that express what you want to share with the one that you adore.  A gift that will be cherished forever.


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