Living Mindfully to Change Your Life

How Living Mindfully Change Your Life

What is living mindfully? For those who have practiced meditation or yoga it may seem obvious, but if you haven’t living mindfully may be a new concept, or it maybe something you have considered but weren’t aware of how to take the steps to live mindfully. Though you may not have known what you were looking for you may have felt like there is something missing from your life. Maybe you have wanted more joy, happiness or to feel alive and connected and you may be are searching. If this sounds like you, you are not alone may of us look for what is outside of us in hopes of finding what we want, when we can only truly find what we have been longing for when we practice living mindfully.

When you live mindfully you live a life on purpose.

While this seems like a simple concept it is not a way of being most of use are used to living. It may not come naturally at first as we are taught to focus on the future, what we should be doing, could be doing, and we begin to live in our head filling our mind with thoughts and distractions.  We are also taught to reflect on the past, this becomes a place where many of us get stuck and it becomes who we are.

We are not our past and not our future as the future does not yet exist. Many of us are also taught to believe we can do many things at one time but to be fully engaged, present and living in the moment living mindfully teaches us that we can and must live in the present to enjoy the full experience of whatever it is we are doing.

Living Mindfully to Change Your Life Video

I found this video on how mindfulness can change your life. I think you will enjoy watching and listening to him Jon Kabat Zin as his talks how mindfulness can change your life.