Mainly Vegan Raw Diet a Daily Example

300x209-vegan-peopleThinking about eating a raw diet? What about a vegan, or a combination? It’s certainly and change and I have to say for me a change for the better. I really wanted to eliminate processed junk food from my daily diet, so I tried many ways of eating until I found out what I liked and heat worked for me.

Finding the right foods for you is a journey, you will have food you love, food you can adjust to and some just not for you. Also consider the health benefits, some people have followed a gluten free diet, gone dairy free to eliminate chemicals or food allergies. We all have our reasons and you need to know yours so you can find a food plan you like and one that benefits you. When you have the reasons why your doing it, the adjustment will be easier to stick with.

I wanted to share this video as a means to show what mainly raw vegan food plan would look like for a day. It may help you decide what parts you can begin and how you can customize eating well to suit you needs and lifestyle.
Just a note here, I found there was a lot of fruit in this example of a raw(ish) food plan. Not everyone can or should tolerate this amount of sugar, though natural, but an example any way.

Take small steps if your not sure, for me I have always enjoyed eating raw food, partially because I like my food that want and another I am certainly not a cook. Also as a child I ate meat but never really cared for it and as a personal choice I decided to to vegetarian 20 years ago. But I have enjoyed my fair share of junk food, especially sweets and candies.

Once I got on track, got rid of the processed junk I found my sweet carvings disappeared. I now happily trade an apple dipped in some nut butter knowing I am getting nutritious snack that does clog my arteries and gives me the healthy fat, vitamins and fibre I need.

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