Motivation Action to Follow

One Small Action Step Will Start the Path to Motivation

It is easy to watch a motivation movie, to listen to the inspirational stories to watch the success of others, to be uplifted motivated only to end the movie and go straight back to doing what you do. You wonder why this is for others, why they are successful, you think they are different from you and maybe you don’t deserve it. The difference is those who succeed take action, even if it is one small step you start you believe you can make changes, and one change leads to another.

It’s like building a muscle, when you change one thing, you prove to yourself you can do it, you can create a change and you feel good about it. You send thee message to your brain that you are capable and then you make another change and another, each time you make a shift it’s like building the muscle of motivation. Start today by making one change, something you have been putting off and just do it. It may be as simple as going for a short walk, drinking a few glasses of water, eating a salad each day, starting a journal, meditating, cleaning out the fridge. Pick one thing you have been putting off and want to get done, by taking one action step to day you are changing the belief that you can. I know you can, because you are reading this, you want to break the habit of procrastination, you want to get motivated and change your life. It start right here right now. Get up go and do that one thing….

Action Steps

1. Choose one small thing you have been putting off, just one
2. Write it down
3. Go and do it
4. In your note book when you have completed your action. Write ” I did it, I can do it, I can and will change”
Your are amazing you can do it, I now you can

Rinse & Repeat