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Could You Quiet Your Mind for Ten Minutes?

Mindfulness Expert Andy Puddicombe Ted Talk

What If You Could Quiet Your Mind for a few minutes a day and practice mindfulness. Do you worry you’ll become drab and boring and think you have to surrender your worldly good in exchange for peace. Quite the contrary! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Andy Puddicombe speak, he is bright, vivacious, entertaining with a great sense of humour and a mindfulness expert too! (more…)

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universal consciousness

Consciousness: 6 Steps to Change Your Life

Conscious: Change Your life in 6 Steps

universal consciousness

I have always been fascinated with human consciousness, spirituality, who we are and what is the purpose for life and what happens at the end of our days. How do we find peace and joy while we are on this earth?   I recently read an amazing article, I have written my simplified version of how I interpreted it and wanted to share it with you….

“Change your consciousness change your life”

at the end of the article please see the link to read the original article and the book from which it was taken. I hope you enjoy this exploration into our conscious path as Much as I did.

Here are the 6 steps into consciousness and how you can change your life with these understanding.

1. Step. The first awakening: the world of permanent change

We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams, we are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life, seemingly unreachable.

We pursue various goals throughout our lives, aspiring for something more, always  wanting to achieve something more in a rush driven by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are right now.

This is how most of us spend our entire life, the endless pursuit of our goals until the end of days when we realize how meaningless the whole thing has been. What wonder is the purpose? Whatever we do or attain, we are going to lose, just as we enter the world with nothing we leave the same, so what of the chase of the goals, wants and dreams in between?

Our first awakening shows us the real nature of the world, the only thing constant is change.

2. Step. The spiritual seeking

We wish to find the security of permanence in our life. We would like to know what is next and what we are meant to do,  we seek spiritual enlightenment, self-recognition in the world in hope of finding permanent peace and happiness. Our intention is to find  a great master with the answers who will elevate our spiritual experience which expands our Consciousness. We will search on earth, religion and any means to find the answers we need to much.

It is through the mind that the Ego intends to understand what is beyond mind and forms. The mind in this way prepares the mental image of enlightenment, seeking, happiness etc. we don’t know so we will create an image of what we hope for.

We gather information from books on religion and spirituality, lectures and conversations attended, as we attempt to understand and experiences these spiritual experiences; to motivate us to implement our awareness in our daily life. But as with any goal once reached we return to seeking another in the relentless pursuit of happiness and spiritual connection.  So like a spinning wheel we can’t get off  the seeking starts all over again.

3. Step. The second awakening: the stop

We then go on searching, until we eventually become tired, and recognize its true nature. That is when we arrive at our second awakening. We stop seeking spirituality, recognizing what we have been searching for outside of us is only within ourselves. We give up the search outer and begin the next quest, the inner journey.

4.Step. The inner journey

Now we begin our inner journey one that will take us beyond the Mind, leaving behind what has held us back from the progress we desire. We trade unimportant and unnecessary things in order to focus our attention on what is most important to us.

When we begin this journey of letting go our minds become consumed in a multitude of thoughts, opinions, ideas and the emotions attached to all these. Then we find ourselves all alone, and realize, that we still have not finished,  we are still to drop the illusion we that we believe our self to be.

5. Step. The third awakening: coming home

The third is the awakening of the Conscience to we realize that there is no other than the space which is full of consciousness the space where inner peace, quiet and tranquility reside.

Is this the end of our spiritual journey? The emptiness is now perfect, but we still need to make the last step in order to become credible spiritual helpers.

6. Step. Comeback

That step will take us to the point where our entire journey began. We return to the world of daily life but different  since we have undergone considerable changes during our journey. The emptiness now full, in a state of conscious awareness for our fellow humans.

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See the original article – courtesy of themindunleashed.org link below



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Mainly Vegan Raw Diet a Daily Example

300x209-vegan-peopleThinking about eating a raw diet? What about a vegan, or a combination? It’s certainly and change and I have to say for me a change for the better. I really wanted to eliminate processed junk food from my daily diet, so I tried many ways of eating until I found out what I liked and heat worked for me.

Finding the right foods for you is a journey, you will have food you love, food you can adjust to and some just not for you. Also consider the health benefits, some people have followed a gluten free diet, gone dairy free to eliminate chemicals or food allergies. We all have our reasons and you need to know yours so you can find a food plan you like and one that benefits you. When you have the reasons why your doing it, the adjustment will be easier to stick with.


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Solar Energy for Mother Earth and Everyday Smiles

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Hipster Yoga at the End of the World