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Prepare Your Mind to Manifest

how to be positive
Written by Andrea

5 Steps to Prepare Your Mindset for Manifesting

how to be positive mind set

How You Can Get a Positive Mind

Not everyone by nature has a positive mindset but learning to prepare your mind to manifest is a secret those who are abundant know.

I am sure you have met people who are always happy, they seem to turn the worst of any situation into the best to the point where they can seem down right annoying.

It may seem as it is  their nature, but many have learned people who lived in a very negative state discovered one of the secrets to an abundant life was to change their thoughts and prepare their mind to manifest, and you can learn to do this too!

It took me years of struggle before I realized I could change. I believed that it was easier to blame others, be angry at the world and thought my path was set in stone, and at the same time I knew this was not how I wanted to be, I just didn’t know how to change.

This is dark harmful thinking was ruining my life, and I wanted to change so desperately.  We often think that positive people are born with positive genetics, but that is far from the truth. Many people who have suffered poverty, loss and the direst situations made a conscious choice to become positive.

So how did they change and can every set themselves up for success with positivity? Read on and discover 5 steps to living with a positively mind to attract and manifest abundance.

Can You Re Wiring Your Thoughts to be Positive

As unique as we are, so is our brain, our thought process and what was fed into our minds. Let me tell you about Jake, he was a happy child, he felt loved, giggled and he was a true joy.  Suddenly life changed. After his mothers illness he went to live with his grandmother, while well meaning, the grandmothers experience of life had been very different, she was strict, laughing and playing frowned upon and slowly he lost who he was, his mind was reigned and through the years he lost who he born to be. He felt as if he was living in another’s life, he felt out of place and did jobs he hated, got into unhappy relationships and most things felt very wrong. The once happy child was rewired into thinking a different way. As a result he worked with a coach and after some self discovery he had some big aha moments and not only that he realized that if he had learned to be a different way, he could re learn to rewire his thoughts.

5 Steps to to a Positive Mind

Once Jake understood what had happened he new it was possible to be positive and happy. The loss of his childhood was painful and his happy self had been hijacked but now he knew by making a few easy changes he could and would have happiness in his life, and you can to. So understand that the only difference between you and the people who are happy is that they possess a positive mindset. Even if you think you were born unlucky, sad, or are just a negative person, it is absolutely possible to change your mindset, and when you do it will open a whole new world.  Once you take the steps to rewire your mind you will be more happier, people will want to be around you, you will notice the good in life, you will attract better work, opportunities, find better relationships and life will be just more fun. You will become an attractive person. Here are 5 steps to begin your journey into positive living.

  1. Gratitude – be thankful for small things, even if you can’t think of anything, get a journal and write – I am thankful for the lunch I ate today, I am thankful for the air I breathe, I am thankful for…. small steps and notice how you are suddenly finding more to be grateful for. Life will  throw you challenges regularly, and it make seem fake at first, but this is the start and notice the changes.
  2. Notice – what do you watch on the TV, what music do you listen to, your subconscious is a sponge and it is taking in all that is around you, you can’t control it all, but you can control what you do in your home, your car.  Listen to affirmations, positive music, everything that goes into your mind has an effect. Invest in your mind its your health, your life.
  3. Be Proactive – Make decisions, its easy to fall into the “whatever”, or “I don’t care mode”, if you catch yourself doing that, make a decision, whether is Strawberry or vanilla make a choice, this is how you get into the habit of making decisions. By making small decisions, the bigger ones become second nature. Get into the habit of being proactive, this will help you develop a positive mind and by doing things and making decisions you are becoming more responsible for your actions.
  4. Responsibility – Taking responsibility for your life is very powerful. If you are the type of person who blames others, stop yourself. By taking responsibility you will have much more control over your life. Once you feel as though you have more control you will be motivated to take action and deal with problems as they occur, instead of letting them get you down and making you feel trapped. This is personal power.
  5. Company –  Surround yourself with positive people, as the saying goes misery loves company, so be very careful of the company you keep, this includes friends, co-workers and family. People can be very toxic, and as with anything that is harmful sometimes we have to let it go. Negative people get together, whine, complain and blame others for their problems.  There are wonderful, positive people, no they don’t all have perfect lives, in fact many have had to deal with massive struggles, and many with a positive mind have learned to reshape their mindset with daily practice until it becomes natural. They have taken back their power, made the decision to be positive and live fulfilling lives as a result. As you change you will attract positive experiences, people and have a better life.

While claiming your positive mindset it will take work, it wont be perfect and you will make sacrifice (usually negative ones) to achieve it. But it will be worth it. By following the above tips you will be on the right path to improving your outlook and getting that positive mindset you always wanted.

Isn’t it time to change your mindset, get positive and Attract Abundance !

…. Yes! Learn How!

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