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Total Money Magnetism Review Law of Attraction for Wealth

manifesting wealth with the law of attraction
Written by Andrea

Law of Attraction for Wealth | Attracting Money with Total Money Magnetism 

manifesting wealth with the law of attraction

There are numerous books on Law of Attraction aka “LOA” to help gain wealth, love and happiness. And if you’re thinking that it’s just for other people think again, the LOA is for anyone who wants to attract riches in all area’s of their life.

Review of Total Money Magnetism

In this article we’ll take a look at manifesting “law of attraction” Dr. Steve Jones’ Program Total Money Magnetism, and how it can be used to create the life you want.

You may have heard of a book or movie called the Secret. The secret garnered a lot of attention from seekers wanting to learn more about manifestation, and, how to work with and use the law of attraction.

Though it’s thought of a New Age movement the attraction laws have been used since the beginning of time. It’s popularity continues to grow as people are sick and tired of being broke and looking for ways to gain more wealth.

And, not only financial wealth, but wealth relationships, improved health and a life that they love. This all sounds amazing but your probably wondering how does it work?  

How Does the Law of Attraction Work

While many may not be clear on exactly how the LOA works, there are only a few basic principles necessary for it to work. It is a fundamental law of the universe. It is the “Law of attraction”, is a force operating in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

When people either consciously or unconsciously align their thoughts and actions congruently and positively they naturally benefit from this law. It’s shows up in many forms, for some they appear to lucky, blessed and abundant leaving many of us wonder why them?

Do they have a secret to wealth.

There really is no mystery, in fact a few simple shifts in mindset can create amazing results, such as naturally attracting all that you want. And, yes anyone can learn the “secret”.

LOA – New Age or Ancient Roots?

While many people think manifesting and attraction is new age “thing” it is far from it. Though there seems to be a new cycle of seekers every so many years, manifesting has been studied and mindfully practiced for centuries with deep ancient roots.

Manifesting with the law of attraction

The universe works in mysterious ways. Over the centuries people have observed events that follow thoughts, and is often referred to collective consciousness.

There is evidence where groups of people raise the vibration to heal, change events and things that cannot be explained.

While the power of groups has been witnessed, individuals are also able to harness their power, producing incredible shifts in their lives. Simply by thinking clearly, focusing and taking clear action we can influence what happens in our life.

We are far more powerful than we know, when we give ourselves permissions and trust our ability we can easily attract all that we desire. Things such as love, work we love, new opportunities, abundance and wealth beyond measure.

When our desires and emotions are positive, we raise our vibrational energy so we are more likely to achieve our goals. When we are ruled by fear and doubt is we will likely attract more of what we fear or are trying to avoid.

The choice is yours, you can stay stuck where you are or you can learn to focus on the positive, manifesting the life you desire and deserve.

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How to Use the Law of Attraction for Wealth

“What we focus on we will attract whether positive or negative. Let it be Positive”

There are a few steps you can begin today so you can begin using the law of attraction for wealth and all that you desire. Once you commit to creating change you will quickly notice how the universe responds to your thoughts. 

Here are some examples of how to work with this universal law:

  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day meditating to bring thoughts and emotions into awareness
  • Focus on positive thoughts and feelings
  • Visualize positive events, places and things you desire
  • Live “as if” your dreams are reality ( as you are stepping into the shoes of the new you)
  • Practice daily affirmations, avoid negative chatter and give yourself motivational talks. Focusing on gratitude prosperity, love, and happiness, will attract what you most desire.

Learn to Attract the Life You Want

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As you learn to manifest you are opening up to new opportunities. There is nothing to fear as you only focus on what you want. You will learn to eliminate the negative thoughts that create negative outcomes and trade them for the positive outcomes you want. 

It’s time to trade emptiness, poverty and struggle and replace them with things that you want like, meaningful relationships, better health, and all that you expected from life.


total magnetism wealth using the law of attraction

If you’re ready to gain clarity, release anxiety and bring forth health wealth and abundance, it’s time to learn how to manifest. 

It’s one of the easiest things you will ever do while gaining incredible benefits.

Imagine in just a few minutes a day you can learn the secrets of those who are wealthy. Not just born wealthy, real people like you and me who decided that they were wanted more.

If you want to learn more I highly recommend checking out Dr. Steve Jones course Total Money Magnetism, while the title implies you’ll attract more money, you will learn the secrets to transforming your life in all aspects.

And if you don’t love it he offers a money back guarantee and all for around $47 🙂

So check it out on the official website, take the quiz and see for yourself. 

==> Learn More with Dr. Steve! You Deserve it.

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