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6 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Stress Less

How to Calm Your Mind Using These 6 Hacks

Looking forways to calm your mind? Then check out these 6 easy steps to get more peace in your life. (more…)

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Beginners Guide to Chakras for a Healthier Happier You

Beginners Guide to Chakrasย  | Better Health Better You

In this beginners guide to chakras we take a look at the power of chakra’s, and, how balanced chakras can mean a healthier, happier you.chakra diagram (more…)

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21 Positive Affirmations for Health You’ll Love

21 Positive Affirmations for Health

21 Shareworthy Positive Affirmations for Health

Here are 21 positive health affirmations that we think you’ll love. (more…)

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Benefits of Thinking Positively the Anti Aging Secret!

3 Benefits of Thinking Positively That Helps Anti Aging!

There are endless benefits of thinking positively, and, one of them is anti aging. If you’re wondering how that works, the mind can be a very powerful tool.

benefits of thinking positively woman happiness


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Best Meditation Cushions How to Buy Meditation Cushion

How to Buy the Right Meditation Cushion

Investing in the best meditation cushions can make the difference between practicing meditation or not… and we don’t want the latter!


Image courtesy: (more…)

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