Wanting What You Have for a Happier Life

wanting what you have

Gratitude, Simplicity and Appreciation for What You Have.

We all have that friend, or a friend of a friend who talks endlessly about what she wants, more shoes, handbags, the latest BMW, a boob job, vacation, to be thinner, taller, prettier, richer, it’s endless, you know the one who has so much, she has all that is material but is she happy? Do her things fill a gap for what she really wants or a stop gap for what she doesn’t even know she is missing?

We see the woman who has so little, she cherishes everything and more importantly she cherishes everyone in her life, her children, community, the elders that she cares for, she knows people are what makes the world go around, they make her laugh, fill her time with true abundance, she feels the gratitude and appreciation. She knows what’s precious to her, yet she does not know about shoes other than the ones she wears until the holes appear, she knows not of fancy things, she doesn’t even know the exist in her world, the place where she has barely enough to feed those she cares for, is she happy for what she has or would she choose differently if only she knew what was out there, would she feel the same?Is the first woman wrong to want more, is she narrow and shallow, is the world she sees as big, maybe small? Is she happy, is she lonely, does she know what she really wants or a victim of our society that markets happiness to us in a way of stuff. Because she has it does she want it? Or does she know there is more to life?
Is the second woman not wanting because she is unaware or has she learned to love what she has when she has it, is she deeper for it, even happier, would she make different choices if she had them?

The difference is, we know what we have learned, but when we know there is more we have choices, we all have our own version of what makes us happy, but there is such a difference between real happiness, and material happiness. The grass is always greener on the other side, until we go over to the next garden.

So what is happiness to you?

For me happiness is laughing out loud, happiness are animals ( I love animals), happiness is taking pictures of thing that stop me in my tracks.

How do I bring abundance into my life?

I practice gratitude, I write in a simple journal, even if it’s three small things that I am grateful for – the warm sunshine, a frothy coffee, to be able to walk, hear music. Affirmations. How do you bring abundance into your life?

Ways to Practice Simplicity .

I like to de-clutter from time to time, I like clear space and fill that space with what I want, not what I think I need. I write lists before I shop so I only buy what I really need. If I think I want something, I will carry it around the store or put it on hold, I often find I’ll decide against the item, but if I really want it and know it will bring more to my life and I will enjoy it I don’t deprive myself. It’s not about deprivation, it really is about trading time, space and money for what I really want.

What do you think?

Who do you think is happier deep down in your heart. Do you think it’s by choice, chance, and conditioning? Is it built into the very fibres of who we are? Is it visibility to what is available, a disconnect from our world, is appreciation on a cellular level a “knowing”. There are so many answers but what is important is for us to think about what you really and truly want and what really brings you authentic happiness.
Dig deep and ask the question – do you have what you want or want what you have?
Let the questions and answers come to you naturally and change what you want and what you can. I have an idea you would rather want what you have than have what you want?
Let me know, I would love to hear you thoughts?