Winter Foot Care What You Need for Happy Healthy Feet

Winter Foot Care | How to Keep Feet Healthy

Winter comes but once a year… and, when it does our feet need a little extra foot care!

winter foot care
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Our tender tootsies bear it all, cold toes, sweaty feet, dry cracked heels and the list goes on. So you can see why it’s especially important during to care for your feet in the winter months.

Most people take care to moisturize their skin, especially their face and hands in winter but are you neglecting your foot care?

In this article we cover what you need to know about giving TLC to care for your feet, from the best type of footwear, and tips to care for your feet.

Protect Your Feet with Foot Wear for Winter

Perhaps the single most important aspect of caring for your feet is to protect them with good winter foot wear. In most cases the best winter foot-wear is water resistant, warm, breathable, that have comfortable insoles, and, offer good support.

Depending on the conditions some shoes are suitable but often winter calls for long or short boots.

A good pair of boots will have non-slip tread, and, insoles for extra comfort. And if you think that boots aren’t sexy then again.

One of my favorite boot companies is Sorrel, the maker of some pretty awesome warm, comfort and super styling boots that are perfect for the winter months.

Keep Your Feet Dry

When the rain is pouring, and, the snow is blowing it easy to get the wet, cold feet. And, then there’s   sweat caused by the layers of socks.

It’s important to keep dry, so as soon as you can remove the damp shoes. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm soapy water, then rinse well, and gently pat dry.

This will help to avoid fungal conditions such as athletes foot. Then, invest in a few pairs of cotton socks or the ones that wick away moisture.

Care for Your Foot Skin in Winter

An essential part of your winter foot care protocol is to keep your feet dry.  This  will help to ward off fungal conditions like athletes foot, some people struggle with an opposite problem – namely, feet that get too dry in winter.

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This can happen all over the foot, but the heel is often particularly affected and left untreated can be very uncomfortable. To treat cracked dry heals soak them to soften, gently pat dry and then use a heel brush to remove the dead skin.

Once the above steps are done by wearing moisturising heel socks like the one I use on Amazon Heel Socks.

This will protect your feet and be sure to apply the best winter skin care which can help moisturize the skin and avoid uncomfortable cracking.

Some people swear by a good foot-bath in the winter, prepare a simple soak with Epsom salt and warm water. This is a wonderful therapeutic way to help with your foot care in winter while you relax at the end of the day.

For an extra treat get cozy up with a nice hot cocoa which can also help you to get a good night sleep.

Visit a Chiropodist “Foot Care” Specialist

A chiropodist is a foot specialist that can provide customized advice to care for  all of your feet. Most people wait to visit a chiropodist only when a problem occurs.

So why not make an appointment that give good care for your feet now, and, to create preventative measure to healthy happy feet for the future too!

Wrapping Up Winter Foot Care

This winter, stand up to the cold. Before, you go trudging through yet another snow bank, then use these tips for happier, healthier feet that will thank you!

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