Video: Yoga for Complete Beginners

Change Your Life With Yoga – Complete Beginners!

Yoga sounds simple but never underestimate it’s power. Yoga will change your life, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you’re a complete beginner to¬†yoga check out this video. Practicing yoga will get you on the road to health, building strength, tone muscles and that’s for starters. To learn more read on…. more

Yoga for Emotional Wellness

We briefly touched upon some of the physical benefits of yoga but it doesn’t stop there. Yoga has many emotional wellness benefits including relief for stress, anxiety, improved mind health and so much more. Here are a few benefits that can greatly change your life.

Yoga for Stress

As you stretch out your muscles you will release chemicals dissolving the tensions. There are many yoga poses, it’s an amazing gentle work out that releases daily stresses. When done regularly you’ll begin to notice how well you cope everyday things. You’ll feel calmer as you move through your day. If you work in a stressful job or have busy lifestyle yoga will help you with your everyday interactions making your life so much easier.

Clarity and Focus

When you are relaxed you are able to think clearer and focus better. When we are under stress our mind races, we become overwhelmed lacking clarity and in a vicious circle this adds to overwhelm and stress. When you take time for yoga, you benefit your body, relieve stress and take time to quiet your mind. When your mind is quiet if just a few moments a day your mind has time to rest, pull everything back into order and naturally allows you to focus on what you want and need to. It’s like a vacation for the brain.

As you increase practice over time along with meditation you can quickly transform your life as you begin a journey to whole health and live your best life daily.